Before the Catalogi Importer can be used we need to setup credentials for the backend services. If you just need to add a new catalog in a pre-configured Open Zaak installation, skip to Add a catalog.

Configure Open Zaak

To be able to connect from Catalogi Importer to Open Zaak we need to create API credentials in Open Zaak:

  1. Navigate to API Autorisaties > Applicaties

  2. Click Applicatie toevoegen.

  3. Fill out the form:

    • Label: For example: Catalogi Importer

    • Client ID: For example: catalogi-importer

    • Secret: Some random string. You will need this later on!

  4. Click Opslaan en opnieuw bewerken.

  5. Click Beheer autorisaties.

  6. Select component Catalogi API and scopes catalogi.lezen en catalogi.schrijven.

  7. Click Opslaan

Configure Catalogi Importer

Next, we need to add these credentials to the Catalogi Importer:

  1. Navigate to Importer > Services

  2. Click Add Service.

  3. Fill out the form:

    • Label: For example: Open Zaak Productie

    • Type: ZTC (Zaaktypen)

    • API Root URL: For example:

    • Client id:: Same as above

    • Secret:: Same as above

    • Authorization type:: ZGW Client id and secret

    • OAS:

  4. Click Save.

The Catalogi Importer uses the VNG Selectielijst (such as the one provided by Open Zaak):

  1. Navigate to Importer > Services

  2. Click Add Service.

  3. Fill out the form:

    • Label: For example: Selectielijst

    • Type: ORC (overige)

    • API Root URL:

    • Authorization type:: No authorisation

    • OAS:

  4. Click Save.

  5. Navigate to Importer > Selectielijst configuration

  6. In the pull-down menu select the record with the label we just created.

  7. Click Save.

Add a catalog

We need to retrieve the UUID of the Open Zaak Catalog we want to import to from the Open Zaak admin:

  1. Navigate to Gegevens > Catalogi

  2. Select the Catalogus we want to import to, or create a new one for testing purposes.

  3. Copy the UUID value from the form.

Then we configure this Catalog in Catalogi Importer:

  1. Navigate to Importer > Catalog configurations

  2. Click Add Catalog configuration.

  3. Fill out the form:

    • Select the Service that with the label we configured earlier.

    • Paste the UUID we copied from Open Zaak.

    • Enter a descriptive Label, ideally matching the Catalog in Open Zaak.

  4. Click Save.

  5. The system will validate the UUID at the selected Service.

    • If the details are correct the RSIN and domain will be retrieved and printed

This catalog is now configured in Catalogi Importer to accept one or more Import Jobs.

This is a one-time configuration that is valid for all catalogs in this Open Zaak installation.

Additional Open Zaak installations like a testing or acceptation environment can be added following the same pattern.